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How do we negotiate a schedule?

All clients have different needs and goals to achieve. We can negotiate per hours a week, biweekly, monthly- it is all customized based on per project and/or on-going tasks that needs to be accomplished.

How do we make payments?

If it is a weekly task, I will ask for payment at the end of assignment. On-going projects can be made 1st and the 15th of the month. All payments will be issued a receipt with a GST number (a self-employed/corporate expense). You can pay by cheque, payable to “K.Fung Daily Solutions“, via online banking/Interact(Canadian Banking Institutes only)), and also taking Mastercard/Visa.

Can I check on your references?

Absolutely! My previous clients have known me for a long time. Trust, honesty, and foremost-confidentiality is very important to you and for me.

What about a confidentiality clause?

Definitely! If you like me to sign an agreement, I won’t hesitate afterall. Your personal/business life details that you share or disclose with me is no one else’s business except me and the client. As much as I am an open person, I don’t discuss anything to anybody. I care about my clients and to me, the most important thing is to create a positive surrounding and balance.

Testimonials from Clients

Thank you Kitty for organizing my home office as well as my home! as a professional, I am always on the run and need assistance from someone remarkable to help me stay organized and you did just that! Thank you!

K. Hajje

About one year ago I was trying to pack up the house, organize the bookkeeping, and get my life in order at the same time. I normally do not have issues with this. However, things became out of hand. I could not see my way clear to any solution for this problem and it was also difficuIt since I run two businesses’ all at the same time.

I knew that Kitty did this type of work and asked her to come and work for me. Well to say that Kitty is organized is an understatement. She takes chaos and turns it to calm, mess to arrangement. She is professional, punctual, and quick. In no time at all I was able to move through all the work that lay in front of me and get it done with Kitty’s expertise.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

F. D. Welvaert

I have had the best experience with Kitty Fung. I can not say enough about her skills and commitment to her clients. Kitty organized my life, steam-lined my office, accounting procedures, kept me on schedule with important commitments and meetings. Kitty has innovative ideas for problem solving in any situation. She has a huge set of skills, she kept our business and personal life flowing whether we were in the city, away on leisure, and business trips. She has a fantastic attitude and has been invaluable to me!

Nan J. Gorecki

Co-owner of Wanek Art, LTD.

Film, art and design firm.

Services Available

In the home:

  • Organization (Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom closets, home office and storage rooms)
  • De-clutter Solutions
  • Daily Cleaning/Laundry/Dry-cleaning/Grocery Shopping/Errand Services
  • Prep healthy  ready-to-eat snacks and meals
  • Dog/Cat sit while you are away at work or vacation
  • Preparation for moving residence and unpacking at your final destination
  • Facilitate home renovation staff, prep location(pre/post renovation clean ups), paint walls and trims

At your (Home/Business) Office:

  • File Management/Bill Payments
  • Prepare receipts/statements for Bookkeeping and/or to Accountant
  • Scheduling appointments/travel arrangements
  • Set up/Maintain Social Media(Facebook, WordPress) – information, photos, video, promotion

At Special Events:

  • Co-host the event so you can really enjoy the party with your guests
  • Pre-set up and Post party clean up
  • Coordinate all staff- Kitchen/Catering and Servers

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How did this become a Personal Passion?

Naturally, it started when I was quite young(just ask my Mom!) I always maintained a tidy room, love to sort, organize, and fold clothes (just like in the retail stores), and yes, even played “Library” with my vast amount of books from Scholastic and even volunteered at the school library for 2 years. I also lived with my Grandmother for two years and she taught me a lot of meticulous skills on household functions. Afterall, she did raise eight of her own children.

It’s what I do best, providing the assistant that my client needs to make ease in whatever fast-pace, health changing lifestyle you may lead. I am constantly reading and researching through stores for the best solutions in your home and office.

I began in 2003, I was hired to a full-time position to a prestigious, Italian family right in their 5000 square feet penthouse suite. After many years of working with them, and downsizing to part-time, this allowed me to branch out and extend my client listing. I was able to travel overseas with my clients to China, US and across Canada, work virtually from my home office and on-site with my client’s at their business location or home office. In between my busy schedule, I have done several Bookkeeping courses at Langara College using software programs such as Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Office 2007.