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Testimonials from Clients

Thank you Kitty for organizing my home office as well as my home! as a professional, I am always on the run and need assistance from someone remarkable to help me stay organized and you did just that! Thank you!

K. Hajje

About one year ago I was trying to pack up the house, organize the bookkeeping, and get my life in order at the same time. I normally do not have issues with this. However, things became out of hand. I could not see my way clear to any solution for this problem and it was also difficuIt since I run two businesses’ all at the same time.

I knew that Kitty did this type of work and asked her to come and work for me. Well to say that Kitty is organized is an understatement. She takes chaos and turns it to calm, mess to arrangement. She is professional, punctual, and quick. In no time at all I was able to move through all the work that lay in front of me and get it done with Kitty’s expertise.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

F. D. Welvaert

I have had the best experience with Kitty Fung. I can not say enough about her skills and commitment to her clients. Kitty organized my life, steam-lined my office, accounting procedures, kept me on schedule with important commitments and meetings. Kitty has innovative ideas for problem solving in any situation. She has a huge set of skills, she kept our business and personal life flowing whether we were in the city, away on leisure, and business trips. She has a fantastic attitude and has been invaluable to me!

Nan J. Gorecki

Co-owner of Wanek Art, LTD.

Film, art and design firm.


About MsKitty

Creating Positive Results for your Home, Office, Administration, Bookkeeping, and Special Events. When you are too busy with your career and personal life, why waste precious time and deligate those tasks to K.Fung Daily Solutions!

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