How do we negotiate a schedule?

All clients have different needs and goals to achieve. We can negotiate per hours a week, biweekly, monthly- it is all customized based on per project and/or on-going tasks that needs to be accomplished.

How do we make payments?

If it is a weekly task, I will ask for payment at the end of assignment. On-going projects can be made 1st and the 15th of the month. All payments will be issued a receipt with a GST number (a self-employed/corporate expense). You can pay by cheque, payable to “K.Fung Daily Solutions“, via online banking/Interact(Canadian Banking Institutes only)), and also taking Mastercard/Visa.

Can I check on your references?

Absolutely! My previous clients have known me for a long time. Trust, honesty, and foremost-confidentiality is very important to you and for me.

What about a confidentiality clause?

Definitely! If you like me to sign an agreement, I won’t hesitate afterall. Your personal/business life details that you share or disclose with me is no one else’s business except me and the client. As much as I am an open person, I don’t discuss anything to anybody. I care about my clients and to me, the most important thing is to create a positive surrounding and balance.